Heather Hamby

Shamanic Practitioner, Intuitive Arts Mentor & Teacher,
Licensed Massage Therapist


Heather has always felt a heart calling to do bodywork, to service others and offer healing on all levels of a person’s total being. In her pursuit for overall mind body and spiritual awareness, she discovered a broad and vast spectrum of ancient healing techniques she could offer to her clients.
With over a decade of experience in Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Reiki, indigenous healing, Spirit communication and the Intuitive Arts, she felt she wanted to help others on a practical level too by becoming a licensed massage therapist. Heather is well versed in Swedish massage, pregnancy massage and deep tissue massage with energetic integration.
With her keen ability to sense what’s going on when you come to see her for a massage you will be delighted and surprised to have an always restorative and sometimes transformational experience when you visit the spa or you can enjoy the full energetic services she has to offer by booking a shamanic healing session or an intuitive reading with Heather.
Heather has volunteered in her free time assisting patients who are in hospice and who need additional support in the completion of their physical life. She also enjoys hosting drumming circles, mentoring and teaching the healing arts and enjoys playing the guitar. Most recently Heather is teaching classes in the Seattle area to pass on some of these amazing healing techniques she has learned and applied to herself and her clients.