Aesthetician, Reiki Practioner


AJ7A8320 (1)Passionate about health and wellness, Sharlean has dedicated her lifestyle and career to teaching others about holistic skincare and mindful living. She’s committed to showing others how they can have radiant skin by setting specific goals to achieve their desired results. She believes the success to glowing skin includes not only an excellent skincare regimen and treatment plan but also attaining balance and fulfillment in all areas of life.


Dedicated to giving her clients the best experience possible, Sharlean has connected with some of the top providers in western Washington to help provide clients with a complete skincare treatment plan, if needed. This might include naturopaths, dermatologists, physicians, nutritionists and of course, massage therapy which is one of Sharlean’ s favorite self-care services to receive.


With 15 years’ experience as an esthetician specializing in correcting skin imbalances, brow shaping, and Brazilian waxes, Sharlean believes that having an holistic skincare approach is one of the best ways to keep skin healthy and younger looking. One of the best ways to achieve this is to have regular facials. This is an important step in providing proper self-care, as it offers an excellent aerobic workout for the skin and provides a recharge to balance our fast-paced living.


In addition to providing a personalized treatment plan for each client, her Reiki sessions are a special treat. She combines several holistic therapies including Tibetan singing bowls, Native American smudging (the burning of sage) and aromatherapy, Sharlean focuses on promoting balance and supporting the connection between you and your intuition.


Fluent in all aspects of spa living, Sharlean is a seasoned makeup artist who has worked as a spa manager, owner and educator, which has broadened her perspective on the spa industry and remembering the importance of taking time out for one’s self. She’s currently finishing her first book, enjoys taking classes on almost any subject, loves being a mom, and appreciates baking and trying new recipes. After 10 years of acting and modeling part time, she’s left the industry to focus more time on developing online training courses for the spa industry.