Job Openings

Now Hiring:
Classique Spa is hiring for two positions, Licensed Massage Therapist and an Aesthetician.

Please send resume and cover letter to

Licensed Massage Therapist:

We are looking for a grounded joyful licensed therapist to join our team that is passionate about connecting and providing professional caring therapeutic massage for clients.  It’s our (entire staff) overall passion to assist our client’s well-being; physically and mentally by providing services that meet the needs of the client by listening to gage what is needed to provide a comprehensive and effective massage.

We pride ourselves with being present and fully engaged with our clients the moment they arrive until they have completed the service and leave the spa revived.

We believe in balancing personal and work life for a prosperous and long career in massage.  As a therapist it is important to maintain a work schedule that realistically fits your ability to stay healthy and ability to meet the needs of your clients.

We have flexible schedules and book appointments from 9am-8pm daily depending your preference and/or need of the scheduling request of the clients.

We currently have wide variety of therapeutic types of massage and encourage specialties that inspire your personally growth in the industry.  Upon hiring we provide training on our Add On Services and Body Treatments.  We encourage cross promoting services and trading between staff members to give and receive constructive feedback on basic techniques and/or possible ideas to assist in ways to offer the best services for clients.

During orientation we cover policies and procedures regarding: massage modalities, treatment room preparation & maintenance, staff meetings and interactions, staff procedures, promotional and self-marketing, and casual work attire.

If you are interested in an interview please email your resume and cover letter to our email.  We look forward to meeting and working with you.  Thank you for your time. 🙂