Reiki & Raindrop Therapy

Reiki $115 {60 minutes}
Shamanic Reiki $170 {90 minutes}

Reiki, often times creating a sense of relaxation, peace, and well-being, this energetic bodywork involves light touch and treats your entire being-body, mind, and spirit.

Reiki Articles: NIH | Psych Central | Wikipedia  | “Try Reiki” Dr. Oz

ADD-ON Young Living Raindrop Therapy Technique®   $55
“Rejuvenate the Mind & Balance the Body”

The Raindrop Technique® combines Vita Flex, Reflexology, and massage techniques with seven essential oils and two essential oil blends.  These oils are utilized to relax the muscles, kill bacterial pathogens, boost stamina and energy, and help manage stress and frustration, while promoting vitality and balanced energy rejuvenating the mind and body.  Add this on to any facial, massage or reiki service.  {25 minutes}